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Mission Viejo, Ca Top Notch Garage Door Repair Service is Ready When You Are

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A broken garage door is never something you can plan for and it usually happens at the worst time possible; getting the kids to school, leaving for work, or just as the rain starts. These are just a few of the reasons the experts at Top Notch garage door repair mission viejo, Ca mission are committed to helping you when you need it most.

Flexible Garage Door Repair to Meet the Needs of Your Busy Schedule

We know you’re busy and that getting home for a garage door repair services appointment is the last thing on your mind. That’s why we work around your schedule. With our 24/7 emergency repair service, we can come to your home when it is convenient for you. We repair garage doors at all hours, and we do so with a smile. Let us know what time works for you and we’ll be there, ready to get the job done.

You Can Count on Fast, Friendly Service in as little as 45 minutes

When something as big and vital as a garage door breaks down, it can be very stressful. We understand – we’ve all been there. That’s why your technician will greet you with a smile, explain the process, answer any questions you might have, and provide all necessary paperwork for your peace of mind. If you insist on being present when your technician is working, depending on the type of repair, they may ask you to remain in a certain area of the garage or just outside. Understand that anything your technician asks of you is for your safety and their own. They know what they are doing, and will complete the repair quickly as long as you are considerate of any requests they might have.

Professional Technicians With the Right Tools and Equipment for the Job- No More Waiting Around.

Your garage door repair technician will arrive on time, professionally dressed, and will present company identification to verify the appointment. Along with proper training, our technicians also have access to industry-standard tools so that they can make repairs quickly and efficiently. As an added bonus, unlike other repair companies, there will never be a mess for you to clean up after the job is done. We will leave your space cleaner than it was when we arrived, we guarantee it.

Not only are all of our technicians are highly trained in repair and installation of all garage door makes and models, they will have every part they could possibly need on hand. That’s right – they won’t leave because they don’t have the right parts to finish the job. Here are some of the garage door brands we repair and set up: Genie, Sears, Craftsman, Raynor, Linear, Stanley, Liftmaster, Andersen, and Home Depot. In the worst case scenario, our team are also trained to install entirely new garage doors, with a wide range to choose from.

Mission Viejo, Ca Top Notch Garage Door Repair – Your First Rate Home town Garage Door Repair Company

Symptoms of A Poorly Functioning Garage Door

There are many ways for your garage door to let you know it needs service, but these are several of the most common:

  • Door is Cocked: If your door is crooked or cocked, it’s likely that you’ve got a broken torsion spring cable. Fortunately, this isn’t a difficult fix and our team can set you up with a new one for a reasonable price.
  • Door Opens Slowly:A slow-moving door is a sure sign of spring issues. Most often, this is caused by a broken torsion spring. Torsion springs work by twisting to provide tension and when they wear out and break; they can no longer do that. This causes the door to open slowly. Fortunately, torsion springs are a common malfunction and our company is experienced in all aspects of locating, diagnosing, and completing broken torsion spring repair.
  • Door Won’t Close all the Way:When a door won’t close all the way or closes unevenly, it’s likely that you’ve got a broken torsion spring cable.
  • Popping Sound as Door Opens and Closes:Although this often sounds alarming, it’s typically only a symptom of some worn rollers. This is a simple fix that our team can take care of for you quickly and easily.
  • Opener Straining as Door Operates:If you notice that your garage door opener is working harder than usual to open or close the door, it’s likely that the problem is broken torsion springs. This is a common issue that affects most torsion spring-operated garage doors. Fortunately, it’s also a simple fix.

High-Quality Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Our team at Mission Viejo, Ca Top Notch Garage Door Repair is highly skilled at diagnosing and resolving garage door issues. Whether you need to repair your garage door opener, replace broken torsion springs or simply shop our range of entirely new garage doors, we’re here to help.

Our guaranteed repair and installation service means that you get great quality, and our same-day response and fast arrival means that we can repair or replace your garage door quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Whether you’re facing some difficult garage repair challenges or you simply need routine maintenance done, we’re your go-to for all manner of garage door needs. To learn more about what we can do for you or to take advantage of our incredible service.

Mission Viejo Top Notch Garage Door Repair is Waiting for Your Call

Scheduling a repair or installation service is fast and easy. For a complete list of makes and models, to learn more about the services we offer, contact Mission Viejo Top Notch Garage Door Repair today for a same-day appointment.

A Perfect New Garage Doors Company in Mission Viejo, Ca that Offers Unbeatable Prices and Unmatched Quality

new garage doors Mission Viejo, ca

When you are searching for the perfect garage doors, have you ever thought about putting custom wood garage doors on the outside of your garage? Not only can you match the look of your home, but also you can have the doors painted or stained to any color or tone you would like them to be. This can be a great adventure to go on, and one that might take a bit of planning in the process. You want something beautiful, and you want something that is going to provide you with the essentials, we can do this.

Emergency Garage Door & Broken Torsion Spring Repair Service Company 24/7

broken garage door Mission Viejo, ca

When a spring is broken, you might notice that your garage door is not working the best that it should. This is normal, because without a torsion spring, then you will not be able to fully open or close the garage door, and this can lead to even further complications. You will need to call in a professional for broken torsion spring repair, so that it can go back to normal, and you’re able to use the door once again. This might mean having someone come in, replace or repair the spring and then leave, or you might need a new track system depending on the extent of the damage.

Mission Viejo’s, Ca #1 Emergency Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement Services Provider

opener repair Mission Viejo, ca

When the garage is not working how it is supposed to, then you have probably already considered garage door opener repair and replacement. This might be exactly what is needed to get the garage door opener back in working order, and put yourself back on track. You never have to worry about having the garage door opener break again, but also ensure that you are not out in a storm trying to get the door open.

Immediate Gate Repair Services Around the Clock

gate repair Mission Viejo, ca

When you have a gate problem, then you need to ensure that you have the right company that can do the gate repair that you need. You need someone that understands exactly what is happening, when it is happening, so you do not have to worry about a thing. Your gate should be protected, and it should work so that you are able to use it as much as you possibly can. You should not have to worry about having a broken gate ever again.

Day or Night – We Offer Trustworthy Dent and Panel Repair Services

garage door panel replacement Mission Viejo, ca

When there is a dent in your garage door, you need to find someone that provides dented garage door panel replacement and repair. This is because the garage door that is broken is not going to work the best that it can when there is a large dent that is holding it back from opening or closing. This can be a problem when you need to get in or out of the garage. The garage door should be intact, and provide you with the easy in and out that you need for your vehicle.

Honest and Professional Services from Your Home town Garage Door Track Repair Service Company

garage door track repair Mission Viejo, ca

When the track on your garage door is off balance, then this could cause other problems throughout the rest of the garage. You want to make sure that you are making the right choice when the time comes. You should not have to worry about the garage door not working right because you have not gotten the garage door track repair that you needed to begin with. Using the company, you can have them repair, or even replace the parts as needed, so you never have to worry about having a broken garage door ever again. You should not have to worry about having the door fall down each time you open the garage door, you should know that it is in the best working order.

Our Garage Door Electronic Keypad and Locks Repair Services Are Unequaled

garage door lock and lock replacement Mission Viejo, ca

Though the power is still going strong, and you can manually open up the garage, you might not be able to hit a button and have it go up or down. You might need to seek out repair for your garage door electronic keypad and locks. This is something that can help you go through the problems, have a company figure it out, and fix the problem for you. The garage door that you have should move up and down with ease, while also being able to be used with the automatic garage door opener that you are using. If you cannot seem to find it, then you need to get additional help with the problem.

A Clean and Courteous Garage Door Sensor Repair Service Company

garage door sensor repair Mission Viejo, ca

Sensors are important when it comes to having the garage door that you have open and close with ease, and without having to get out of the vehicle to open and close the door. With a garage door opener, you can do this all with a click of a button. This is one of the best things to consider when the time comes. With garage door sensor repair, you can easily get your vehicle out of the elements, but you also need to make sure that the sensor works in order to have it fully functional.

Cables, Drums & Rollers

Using the fully stocked trucks that we have all of the clients and customers that we work with never have to wait for their high quality parts to come in. We can come in and do the repairs or replacements that are needed on your garage door. This is something that is done with ease, and can provide you with many benefits in the end. You just have to give us a call to find out more.

Service & Maintenance

When it comes to working with us, know that no job is too big or too small! This is one of the biggest things that we pride ourselves in. With any service or maintenance that you are in need of, you can call us and one of our courteous professionals will come out and take a look at the garage door problems you are having. You should not have to wait to have someone come out and do the work for you. We can handle it, and ensure that you are happy with the outcome.


With any garage door installation, we want to make sure that you have something to choose from. This is why we provide many different styles, colors, and brands, in addition to custom doors that can be specially made for your garage. This is something that we provide along with our lowest price guarantee, and we will give same day service so you can make sure to have your doors ready to go whenever you are. This is something that we want to provide to all of our new and old installations.


all garage door brands mission viejo ca

With the brands that we offer, you are able to get much more from the company. Instead of having to just settle one something that you somewhat like, we can provide you with something that you love. With brands such as Andersen, Sears, Home Depot, UDT, Linear, and Stanley, you can make sure that you have everything that you need and more from us. Just give us 60 minutes to your door and we will be right there when you need us.

Our Mission

Through the strong mission that we have, we want to ensure that each and every person that we work with gets exactly what he or she needs when the time comes. This can be everything from the full repair services 24/7 that we provide, to the high quality brands and products that we sell. We want to ensure that you are happy from the ground up with the garage door that we help to repair, install, or maintain on the garage for your home. You should feel good about working with a company that prides themselves with this.

Why Choose Us

Since we are a company that is fully Licensed – Bonded – Insured, you do not have to worry about something happening or not being covered. We want to make sure that we are providing some of the best services when it comes down to it. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, we can make sure that all of the garage door needs that you have are met completely. If you want to try us, give us a call.

About Us

We have many years in the business, and since we do, we aim to provide the best services. We come to your home in professional attire, so you know that we are able to do the job, and are friendly enough to walk you through anything that you need to know about the garage door that you have.